I have the experience as an appeals lawyer Chicago to pursue another opportunity for justice on your behalf

When you have an appeal you are in a position where you need to win. This may be your last opportunity to overturn a judgment or conviction where a critical error was made. Or, you may need to defend a favorable order against your opposition’s appeal. If you are in one of these situations, you have come to the right place. 

As an appeals lawyer Chicago, I am one of the foremost authorities in Chicago on civil appeals and have been equally successful in direct criminal appeals. I understand how to analyze and scrutinize every part of your case, from the initial filing to the final judgment. I know how to craft a powerful brief that addresses the fatal error or errors that were made during the legal process or that ably defends your favorable result against your opposition’s appeal.

I have handled several cases that have set legal precedent, specifically in family law. That means these cases are referred to when other lawyers are facing similar issues. 

I know how crucial this moment is for you. If you’ve been through a difficult divorce, I know this appeal will help you rebuild your family and reshape its future. If you’ve been convicted of a crime I know this appeal can clear your name, repair your reputation, and help you move forward. If you’ve received an unfavorable judgment in other civil matters, I know this appeal may help you recover financial losses. This moment is important for you and you deserve justice. 

Family Law Appeals can be difficult, but as your appeals lawyer Chicago, I will focus on making sure you have a fulfilling future.

As an appeals lawyer Chicago, I specialize in direct family law appeals

Family law cases can be tough. They can be especially difficult if they have been taken to court and a judge has made a critical error in their final judgment. When this happens, you have every right to consult an appeals lawyer Chicago and pursue an additional review of your case.

As an attorney specializing in civil appeals, I have helped numerous clients successfully appeal family law judgments. In fact, numerous other attorneys frequently refer their appellate cases to me because of my record of success. 

More importantly, I have been referred numerous cases by former clients because I have been able to help them move past the worst aspects of divorce. Divorce doesn’t have to be destructive and it is never good for children to be part of ugly process that tears families apart. It is essential that you and your partner are able to navigate your new parenting relationship amicably so your entire family can have a fulfilling future. 

If you have received an unfavorable judgment and would like it reviewed, please contact me immediately. Timing is everything in these cases, as we will only have 30 days to file if we determine there are grounds for an appeal.  

I have worked on numerous direct Criminal Appeals and helped clients overturn wrongful convictions that occurred due to errors in the criminal proceedings.

If you have been convicted of a crime in criminal court, your future and even your life may be on the line. However, if an error was made during criminal proceedings, you may have grounds for a Direct Appeal. If something went wrong during your trial, such as improperly submitted evidence, improperly excluded evidence, prosecution errors, defense errors, or jury misconduct, you will want to contact an appeals lawyer to review your case.

My experience as an appeals lawyer Chicago allows me to skillfully litigate cases at the Appellate Court and Supreme Court level in the State of Illinois. I will scrutinize every fact of the case and every detail about the procedure to craft an effective appeals strategy. 

At this point in your legal process, it is important that you have the opportunity to ensure that you have received a fair trial that was free from legal errors or other irregularities. Our legal system is not always perfect, but you do not deserve to be the victim of a flawed system.

If you have been convicted of a crime and believe you have grounds for a Direct Appeal, please contact me. Timing is everything in these cases, as we will only have 35 days to file if we determine there are grounds for an appeal.  

Myra Foutris Appellate & Family Attorney will help you with your criminal appeals

I will scrutinize every detail of your Civil Appeals and help you appeal your final judgment if there were legal or factual errors.

As an appeals lawyer Chicago, I will aid you in other civil appeals, such as injury

Those involved on either side of a civil case, such as a personal injury matter or a case involving breach of contract, may appeal a final judgment.

During the appeals process, the courts focus on the evidence that was presented at trial to determine whether or not a legal error was made. Based on their decision, the appeals court can set aside, confirm, or modify the lower court’s judgment. In certain circumstances they can even order a new trial.

If you have been involved in a civil trial and believe that the judgment was based on legal or factual errors, that the evidence did not support the verdict, or that the trial was unfair, you may have grounds for an appeal. You will need to contact me right away as we will have 30 days after the final judgment to file an appeal. As your appeals lawyer Chicago, I will need to review all of the details of your case and of the trial and make sure we have a plan that ensures your appeal is successful.